The Cliff Cave VE Team was founded in 2002 by Harry Nordman, ABØSX (SK)

Between all of our team members, we have logged over 5000 test sessions. Don’t believe us? Check out the ARRL VE Session Counts!

We are an ARRL Affiliated VE Team and can provide testing services to any club or group that requests our services within the Saint Louis Metro area. Use the contact form to reach us.

ARRL Advisor & Contact/Liason Volunteer Examiner (C/LVE)

  • Harry Steger, Extra, WØHMS   

Contact Volunteer Examiners (CVE)

  • David Bartholomew, Extra, ABØTO
  • Roland Kramer, Extra, WØRL
  • Peter B. Brisbine, Extra, NM5PB
  • Ed Berkel, Extra, AEØEB

Quality Assurance VEs (QA)

  • Kevin Naumann, Extra, NØWDG
  • Jerry Phillips, Extra, W7AP
  • Sheila Phillips, Extra, WØSMP

Volunteer Examiners (VE)

  • Kenneth Simila, Extra, KCØVMY
  • John Mountain, Extra, KJØMTN
  • Charlie Wilmes, Extra, KWØK
  • John B. Telker, Extra, NØTH
  • Wayne Gmachl, Extra, KDØNEO
  • Jon P. Schaumann, Extra, WØKZ
  • Janelle Brisbine, Extra, NM5JB
  • Tom Simon, KØTJS

Are you interested in becoming a VE?

If you are interested in becoming an ARRL Volunteer Examiner (VE) and serving the Amateur Radio community, it’s easy and free!

Follow the steps listed here.

Once you’ve completed all the steps required by the ARRL, and you have your ARRL VE badge in hand, come on down to a test session and introduce yourself. We’ll get you trained up and ready to go!